Finding, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees is hard enough. Why does it have to come with all kinds of paperwork, data inputting, and administrative time too?

If you’re not using a Human Resources Information System, onboarding a new employee probably consists of about 3 steps too many.

While your current process might not be exactly like this, I’d be willing to bet it’s pretty close:

God forbid no changes need to be made to those documents!

The fact is, the process could and SHOULD be easier. You’re trying to put all this information in one place anyways, why can’t it just happen for you?

Take a look at the Humi process above. All documents are signed while personal and employment information are collected in one step through the system.

Even putting administrative time for onboarding aside, the big problems usually come up later. What happens when someone needs access to an employee’s information? Where do they go to find it? How do they find it?

If I have to find an employee’s contract, I sure don’t want to search for it in a file folder. Or ask someone else, who then has to search for it themselves.

We all have our own ways of storing and organizing information too. But what happens if the person storing that information leaves? I really hope the next person can find that information when they need it!

In Humi, all of this is one place — from an employee’s personal and employment information, to any of the documents that are signed or associated with that employee. Say goodbye to searching for that information or finding out later that it’s been lost!

Feel like you should take some of these steps off your hands? Want to see the future of HR in Canada? Book a demo

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