If you’re not using a Human Resources Information System, your paid time off process might currently look a little something like this:

Employees, your process could look a bit different; you could have asked through slack or you may have followed up on the time off request more than once, but in any case that can’t be the best way to take/ ask for your well deserved time off.

Employers, your process may have been different as well. Maybe you send your employees monthly PTO updates, maybe you make them fill out a paper form, maybe you’re not even recording the time off in a calendar.

In any case the process should, and can be easier.

With Humi the whole PTO process starts with the employee. When an employee logs in to Humi they can see directly into their current vacation, sick and personal days. They see a snapshot of their PTO and even get a visualization of their time off usage for the year.

Requesting the time is super simple as well. Three steps and you’re out.

First the employee picks if the type of leave is sick, personal or vacation. Next they choose the date(s) and finally they review the PTO request and send it to their employer.

The employer will get notified and if they don’t accept or deny the time now, Humi will do the follow up for the employee by reminding the employer of the request.

Once an employer gets notified of the request, they’ll log into Humi to check it out. They have the ability to see the entire company time off schedule and can even sync this up with their google or outlook calendars.

They can also quickly see who’s away today, and approve or deny a request in a flash. Once approved, the request is added to the calendar and the employee will be notified. Humi tracks the accruals so there’s no need to update a spreadsheet.


Think your paid time off process sucks? Want to see the future of HR in Canada? Book a demo

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