One year ago today ago I fell in love with the idea for Humi.

A tool that makes it easier for Canadian companies to employ people. Software that previously only made sense for large companies with big budgets. Instead of charging businesses we could revolutionize the experience of benefits, and support the lives of their workers.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with the staff at my mom’s small medical office. The office wasn’t flashy and I don’t think they ever spent a dime on marketing but it was always busy and growing.

When I turned twenty-six I joined as an employee and it dawned on me, the vast majority of employees had been there 20+ years! The staff shared lunches and important life events and it felt more likely a family than a collection of colleagues. A culture that carried over into how we treated our customers, which in turn became the engine of the business’s growth.

Working at the practice helped me understand the relationship between a business and its employees. People are the most important driver of a company’s success. This isn’t a novel revelation. Warren Buffet, Ben Horowitz, James Collins, and many more of the great business minds have all built careers on this notion.

With Humi, companies across the country can offer the people who work there a better support system. From hiring, to feedback, and access to information when they need it.

We can help replace the stacks of paper contracts, spreadsheets, employee folders, and every other custom system that creates anxiety. With a simple and beautiful place that ultimately does one thing… Lets you spend more time on what matters to you.

Our mission at Humi is to help Canadian companies support their people better.

We look forward to working with you.

Kevin Kliman, CEO and CoFounder Humi HR

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